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Self-reported tick exposure as an indicator of Lyme disease risk in an endemic region of Quebec, Canada.

Bowser N, Bouchard C, Castellanos MS, Baron G, Carabin H, Chuard P, Leighton PAL, Milord F, Richard L, Savage J, Tardy O, Aenishaenslin C, 2024. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases 15:1.102271.

Preventing Lyme Disease through Identification of Key Beliefs.

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Evaluation of a community-based One Health intervention to reduce the risk of Lyme disease in a high-incidence municipality.

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Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding dogs and dog bites in Indigenous northern communities: A mixed methods study.

Daigle L, Ravel A, Lévesque F, Mokoush KN, Rondenay Y, Simon A, Aenishaenslin C, 2023. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 10: 1080152.

Global governance for pandemic prevention and the wildlife trade.

Gallo-Cajiao E, Lieberman S, Dolšak N, Prakash A, Labonté R, Biggs D, Morrison TH,  Viens AM, RFuller RA, Aguiar R, Fidelman P, Watson JEM, Aenishaenslin C, Wiktorowicz M, 2023. The Lancet Planetary Health 7:4 e336‑45.

The added value of One Health surveillance: data from questing ticks can provide an early signal for anaplasmosis outbreaks in animals and humans.

Pelletier J, Guillot C, Rocheleau JP, Bouchard C, Baron G, Bédard C, Dibernardo A, Lindsay RL,  Leighton PA,  Aenishaenslin C, 2023. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 1‑8.

Professional characteristics, attitudes, and practices associated with stress and quality of life of Canadian animal health workers.

Denis-Robichaud J, Millar N, Hongoh V, Carabin H, Richard L, Aenishaenslin C, 2023. The Canadian Veterinary Journal 64(9): 854‑63.

Users’ Perception of the OH-EpiCap Evaluation Tool Based on Its Application to Nine National Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Systems.

Moura P, Collineau L, Sandberg M, Tomassone L, De Meneghi D, Norström M, Bennani H, Häsler B, Colomb-Cotinat M, Bourély C, Filippitzi ME, Mediouni S, Boriani E, Asaduzzaman M, Caniça M, Aenishaenslin C, Alban L, 2023.  Frontiers in Public Health 11 (2023).

Capturing systematically users’ experience of evaluation tools for integrated AMU and AMR surveillance.

Alban L, Bordier M, Häsler B, Collineau L, Tomassone L, Bennani H, Aenishaenslin C, Norström M, Aragrande M, Filippitzi ME, Moura P, Sandberg M, 2023. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 10 (2023).

Barriers and facilitators to implementing a new regulation restricting antimicrobial use in dairy production in Québec, Canada: A qualitative study.

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Guidance for evaluating integrated surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance.

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Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding dogs and dog bites in Indigenous Northern Communities: A Mixed Methods Study

Daigle L, Ravel A, Simon A, Rondenay Y, Aenishaenslin C, 2022. Frontiers in Veterinary science, 10 (20 février 2023): 1080152.

Integrated human behavior and tick risk maps to prioritize 'One Health' Lyme disease interventions.

Bouchard  C, Dumas A, Baron G, Bowser N, Leighton PA, Lindsay RL, Milord L, Ogden NH,  Aenishaenslin C, 2022. Ticks and Tick-borne diseases 14, no 2 (1 mars 2023): 102083.

Fluralaner baits reduce the infestation of Peromyscus spp. mice by I. scapularis larvae and nymphs in a natural environment.

Pelletier J, Rocheleau JP, Aenishaenslin C, Dimitri Masson G, Lindsay LR, Ogden NH, Bouchard C, Leighton PA, 2022. Journal of Medical Entomology 59(6).

Criteria for selecting sentinel unit locations in a surveillance system for vector-borne disease: A decision tool.

Guillot C, Bouchard C, Aenishaenslin C, Berthiaume P, Milord F, Leighton PA, 2022. Frontiers in Public Health 10 (2022).

“COP26: What Is the Message for Public Health?” Response from the Université de Montréal One Health Initiative.

Aenishaenslin C, Batal M, Boiteux M, Bouchard M, Brun Y, Brodeur J, Carabin H, et al, 2022. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Behavioral risk factors associated with tick exposure in a Lyme disease high incidence region in Canada.

Aenishaenslin C, Charland K, Bower N, Perez-Trejo E, Baron G, Milord F, et C Bouchard, 2022. BMC Public Health 22:807,

Occurrence and Risk Factors of Dog Bites in Northern Indigenous Communities: A Scoping Review.

Daigle L, Delesalle L, Ravel A, Ford B, Aenishaenslin C, 2022. Frontiers in Veterinary sciences,

A rapid literature review of multi-criteria decision support methods in the context of One Health for all-hazards threat prioritization.

Zhao K, Smith T, Lavigne M, Aenishaenslin C, Cox R, Fazil A, Johnson A, Sanchez J, Hermant B, 2022. Frontiers in Public Health,

Clarifying core competencies in One Health doctoral education - the central contribution of systems thinking

Rocheleau JP, Aenishaenslin C, Boisjoly H, Richard L, Zarowky C, Zinszer K, Carabin H. 2022. One Earth 5(4): 311-315,

À la recherche du chaînon manquant entre bio et éthique.

Boudreau LeBlanc A, Aenishaenslin C, Williams-Jones B, 2022. Canadian Journal of Bioethics / Revue canadienne de bioéthique 5 (1): 103‑18.

Bio-Ethics and One Health: A Case Study Approach to Building Reflexive Governance.

Boudreau LeBlanc A, Williams-Jones B, Aenishaenslin C, 2022. Frontiers in Public Health 10: 648593.

How are large-scale One Health initiatives targeting infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance evaluated? A scoping review.

Delesalle L, Sadoine M, Mediouni S, Denis-Robichaud J, Zinszer K,  Zarowsky C, Aenishaenslin C, Carabin H, 2022. One Health 14,

Impact of a Regulation Restricting Critical Antimicrobial Usage on Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolates From Fecal and Manure Pit Samples on Dairy Farms in Québec, Canada

Lagarde M, Fairbrother J, Archambault M, Dufour S, Francoz D, Massé J, Lardé H, Aenishaenslin C, Paradis ME, et Roy JP. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 9 (2022).

Evidence of a Decrease in Sales of Antimicrobials of Very High Importance for Humans in Dairy Herds after a New Regulation Restricting Their Use in Quebec, Canada.

Millar N, Aenishaenslin C, Lardé H, Roy JP, Fourichon C, Francoz D, Paradis MÈ, et Dufour S. Zoonoses and Public Health n/a, no n/a (2022).

Association between Pet Ownership and Mental Health and Well-Being of Canadians Assessed in a Cross-Sectional Study during the COVID-19 Pandemic .

Denis-Robichaud J, Aenishaenslin C, Richard C, Desmarchelier M, Carabin H. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19, no 4 (janvier 2022): 2215.


Assessment of evaluation tools for integrated surveillance of antimicrobial use and resistance through selected case studies.


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Description and Determinants of At-Risk Interactions for Human Health Between Children and Dogs in an Inuit Village. 


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Should the Increased Awareness of the One Health Approach Brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic Be Used to Further Tackle the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance?


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Examining the concept of One Health for indigenous communities: A systematic review.


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Evaluating the integration of One Health in surveillance systems for antimicrobial use and resistance: A conceptual framework.

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In Response to ‘Patient Lyme Disease Websites Prioritize Science; Public Health Websites Prioritize Consistent Messaging’.

Journault AA, Richard L, Aenishaenslin C, 2021. Zoonoses and Public Health:

Zoonoses and social health determinants: Identification of research priorities through a Delphi consultation.

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Prioritization of areas for early detection of southward movement of arctic fox rabies based on historical surveillance data in Quebec, Canada.

Aenishaenslin C, Page D, Gagnier M, Massé A, Fehlner-Gardiner C, Lambert L, Hongoh V, Tinline R, 2021. Epidemiology and Infection, 149: e20, DOI:


Telephone versus Web Panel Survey Modes for Adaptation to Climate Change Studies: Comparing Lyme Disease Preventive Behaviors and their Determinants.


Ngambo Domche G, Valois P, Canuel M, Talbot D, Tessier M, Aenishaenslin C, Bouchard B, Briand S, 2020. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 20(1):78. Doi: 10.1186/s12874-020-00958-4

Development and validation of a behavioral index for adaptation to lyme disease

Valois P, Bouchard D, Aenishaenslin C, Talbot D, Bouchard C, Briand S, Tessier M. Development and validation of a behavioral index for adaptation to lyme disease. BMC Public Health. 2020 Sep 21;20(1):1435. doi: 10.1186/s12889-020-09535-2. 

Evaluation of fluralaner as an oral acaricide to reduce tick infestation in a wild rodent reservoir of Lyme disease.

Pelletier J, Rocheleau JP, Aenishaenslin C, Beaudry F, Dimitri G, Lindsay R, Ogden N, Bouchard C, Leighton P, 2020. Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases, 13(1):73. Doi: 10.1186/s13071-020-3932-7

Zoonoses and social determinants of health: A consultation of Canadian experts

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Lyme Disease Prevention: A Content Analysis of Canadian Patient Group and Government Websites.

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Factors Leading Municipal Authorities to Implement Preventive Interventions for Lyme Disease.

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Valuing health surveillance as an information system: interdisciplinary insights.

Antoine-Moussiaux N, Vandenberg O, Kozlakidis Z, Aenishaenslin C, Peyre M, Roche M, Bonnet P, Ravel A, 2019. Frontiers Public Health 7: 138

Evidence needed for antimicrobial resistance surveillance systems.


Aenishaenslin C, Haesler B, Ravel R, Parmley J, Staerk K, Buckeridge D, 2019. WHO bulletin, 97(4):283-289. doi: 10.2471/BLT.18.218917

Understanding the connections between dogs, health and Inuit through A mixed methods study.

Aenishaenslin C, Brunet P, Guy-Gouin G, Simon A, Bastian S, Leighton P, Saint-Charles J, Lévesque F, Ravel A, 2018. EcoHealth,

OHMi-Nunavik: a multi-thematic and cross-cultural research program studying the cumulative effects of climate and socio-economic changes on Inuit communities.

Blangy S, Bernier M, Bhiry N, Dedieu JP, Aenishaenslin C, Bastian S, Chanteloup L, Coxam V, Decaulne A,  Gérin-Lajoie J,  Gibout S, Haillot D, Hébert-Houle E, Herrmann TM, Joliet  F, Lamalice  A,  Le Merre E, Lévesque E, Ravel A,  Rousse DR, 2018. Écoscience 25(4) 311-324;

Integrated socio-ecological risk maps to prioritize local public health responses to Lyme disease.

Bouchard C, Aenishaenslin C, Rees EE, Koffi JK, Ripoche M, Pelcat Y, Milord F, Lindsay R, Ogden N, Leighton P 2018. Environmental Heath Perspectives:

Exposure and preventive behaviors toward ticks and Lyme disease in Canada: results from a first national survey.

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Evidence of rapid changes in public awareness toward ticks and Lyme disease in Canada.

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Acceptability of tick control interventions to prevent Lyme disease.

Aenishaenslin C, Gern L, Michel P, Ravel A, Milord F, Waaub JP, Bélanger D, 2016. BMC Public Health, 16(12):1-10: doi:  10.1186/s12889-015-2629-x

Adaptation and evaluation of a multi-criteria decision analysis model for Lyme disease prevention.

Aenishaenslin C, Gern L, Michel P, Ravel A, Hongoh V, Milord F, Waaub JP, Bélanger D, 2015.  PLoS One 10: e0135171: doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0135171

Factors associated with preventive behaviors regarding Lyme disease in Canada and Switzerland: a comparative study.


Aenishaenslin C, Michel P, Ravel A, Gern L, Milord F, Waaub JP, Bélanger D, 2015. BMC Public Health, 15:1539: doi: 10.1186/s12889-015-1539-2

From Lyme disease emergence to endemicity: a cross sectional study of risk perceptions in different populations.

Aenishaenslin C, Ravel A, Michel P, Gern L, Milord F, Waaub JP, Bélanger D, 2014. BMC Public Health 14(1):1298: doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-14-1298

Characterizing rabies epidemiology in remote Inuit communities in Québec, Canada: A “One Health” approach.

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Multi-criteria decision analysis as an innovative approach to managing zoonoses: results from a study on Lyme disease in Canada.

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Bioeconomic modeling of disease spread management impacts in Quebec, Canada.

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Spatially explicit multi-criteria decision analysis for managing vector-borne diseases.

Hongoh V, Hoen AG, Aenishaenslin C, Waaub JP, Bélanger D, Michel P and The Lyme-MCDA Consortium, 2011. International Journal of Health Geographic, 10:70: doi: 10.1186/1476-072X-10-70

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